POS Recent Orders & Action Menu

In the POS, when searching for orders and viewing the recent orders list, each order has an  action drop-down menu of available choices.  The following options may be available, depending on the current state of the order:

-- Void (same date order was created only)
-- Return/Credit (paid order only)  
-- Cancel 
-- Print (receipt)    
-- Pick Up
-- Edit

Note: You must be in the POS to void, credit or return an order. 

Using the  Recent Orders tool is the fastest way to see the 50 most recent orders placed in the POS.

Available Order Actions


An order can be voided if it was created on the same day and if the payment transaction batch has not yet settled in the payment gateway.  First, locate the order using the Recent Orders menu or by searching for the order in the POS.  


A return or credit can be processed the next day.  For more information how to process product returns or credits, get instructions  in this article

Re-print Receipt

Select the Print option to reprint the receipt for an order.  If there are multiple payments on the order, all receipts will reprint. This is for Registered Terminal receipt printers only.


If an order has a Not Paid billing status, then it can be cancelled. 

Pick Up

A Paid and To Pick Up order is available to be marked as picked up. 

Edit Order

An order that is not paid can be pulled back into the POS for editing; add products, change the recipient, update ship methods, and add payment before finalizing or re-saving.  

Note: When editing an order, be sure to review all manually changed discounts and/or ship methods and inventory locations.  the POS will restore default options when a saved order is reloaded into the POS. 

View PDF

A PDF view of an order is helpful for download or for printing on a standard sheet of paper.

Recent Order Colors

The colors on the sides of Recent Orders indicate the following:

  • Black: Cancelled
  • Green: Paid
  • Yellow: Unpaid/In Process
  • Red: Voided

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