Save Order vs. Place Order

Knowing the difference between saving an order and immediately placing an order can help the work flow of people in the tasting room. The POS allows you to save any changes made, with or without payment. A saved order can then be edited in the future.

To a Save Order

You may save and order at any time in the POS after you have begun entering information.  Usually this is used to save an order but not process payment.  This will leave the order in a NOT Paid billing status.  To do this click on the blue 'Save' button at the bottom of the POS.

This order will now be pending within the POS. You can see this by clicking on the 'Recent Orders' button on the top of the POS. The order will appear in yellow as in the following image.

To edit the order and to finalize processing bring the order back into the POS by selecting 'Edit' in the blue drop down menu.

Finally you may finish/process the order by clicking on the 'Place Order' button after entering the missing information.

 Payment Processing

All credit card transactions are processed through your OpenEdge payment gateway.  Your Customer’s credit card is tokenized during the payment process.  This token is securely stored in the OpenEdge vault.  eCellar does not store credit card data. 

A payment type is selected just prior to finalizing the order.  All credit cards in the Customer Card will appear in the drop down list. You have the option of saving a new credit card to the Customer Card or using it only for this transaction.  Only a Credit Card payment type will be processed through your payment gateway.  Clicking Place Order will activate the OE Payment Portal.

Add Now/Add Later Toggle

The Add Now/Add Later toggle allows you to add a credit card to the order ‘Now’ and save it or save the order and add the card ‘Later’.  This was designed for the Tasting Room workflow where an order may be started, then saved, then brought back into the POS for final payment processing.

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