Campaigns Terminology

The Campaign Manager is a robust email broadcasting tool, enabling you to create and send marketing emails to your consumers and track results all within the Admin Control Panel.  In addition to single-send campaigns; also create automated, recurring emails to launch daily, weekly and monthly, based on data triggers like reservation bookings and new signups and birthdays; and build campaigns in advance with the delayed scheduling tools.  

Permission Required:  to Access all Campaign Manager tools and utilities, your user account must be enabled with the permission for Campaigns to access the sub-menu options. Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

Campaign Terminology and Definitions

Target Group   A saved result set from a Customers search, Memberships search or Reservations search
Campaign   An email message sent to a group of customers (also called a blast, broadcast, or mass email)
Campaign Type Either Customer, Reservation or Membership. Based on the search type, and controls the available merge fields
Begin Date   The date the email is first sent
End Date   The date the email stops being sent (in recurring campaigns only)
Schedule   The frequency the email campaign will send
Launched   State of a Campaign (either launched, or not launched.)
Action Icons   Pencil: Edit Email
Eyeball: Preview Email
Bar Chart: View metrics of the Campaign
Double Page: Copy Campaign into a new campaign template
Trash Can: Delete Campaign
Campaign Name   Internal name of a Campaign, this text will appear in the list of Campaigns
From Name   The person or company name as the email campaign sender
From Email   The email address of the person or company that sends the email (must be valid)
Test Group   A static target group for internal testing before launching to consumers
Allow resend to same address   This setting allows the campaign to be sent to the same email address more than once
Launch Date/Time   Date and time of the campaign launch (campaigns must be scheduled at least 20 minutes prior to launch time)
Subject   Subject line of the email (visible to consumers)
HTML Content   The body of the email: text, images, design elements
Plain Text   The body of the email as plain text
Wrapper   A customized header / footer image that appears around the body. Also can define the body style.
Preview   A preview of the email that is sent up to 15 email addresses
Submit   Submit will save the content changes, and send a preview 

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