Deep Links

Launched to eCellar Production February 10, 2020

Now, with eCellar Campaign Manager, your customers can reach the point of action in one click within an email campaign!

Deep Links are links to particular sections of your website: My Account, Allocation and Book A Reservation.


  • Unlike Magic Links, Deep Links DO NOT automatically log your customer into their account
  • Deep Links DO NOT expire - they can be used in your campaigns forever

How to create and use Deep Links

Location in ACP Menu: Content - DW Deep Links

Note: You must have permissions to access this feature!

Setting up a new Deep Link:

To create a new Deep Link, click Add Deep Link in the upper right hand corner and complete the form. Please note that all fields are required unless otherwise noted.

  • Name the link: This will be visible in your email, but can be edited once loaded in the email body.
  • Enter a Slug: This is a URL- friendly name, i.e. my-account.
  • Choose the Target: This is where the customer will land on your web site when the link is clicked (but NOT logged in).
  • Data / Club Tier (optional): This can be used if the Join a Club Target has been chosen. It will direct customers a specific Club Tier upon landing on the Target.

Deep Link Targets - 

My Account - 
o   The login screen for My Account

Once logged in, the consumer is presented with their My Account menu:

My Allocation - 
o  The Login Screen for My Allocation:

Once logged in, the consumer is auto-forwarded to their allocation (bypassing the My Account main menu). 

Note that if a consumer does not have an allocation, they will see a message saying so:

Book a Reservation -  
o   Customers will be taken to the Booking Agent page on your web site 

Use Deep Links in Email Campaigns

Much like Merge Fields, Deep Links can be added by simply choosing the desired link from the Deep Link pull-down menu in the campaign builder. 

IMPORTANT: Deep Links work in all Customer Groups, Magic Link and Email Campaign Types!

REMEMBER:  As with all email campaigns, send previews, "pre-launch" to a test group to review links, and & test, test, test!

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