Campaign Wrapper Manager

It is now possible for clients and designers to manage the complete lifecycle of email campaign wrappers in eCellar!  Wrappers are branded 'shells' that encapsulate your messages to your customers when using the Campaign Manager.

Note:  In order to see and use this feature, user(s) must have the permission of 'Add/Download/Delete Wrappers' under Campaigns enabled.  If you are not a User Manager, please contact the person(s) who manages Users at your winery to enable this permission.

Here is an overview of the Campaign Wrapper Manager:

You'll notice that in order to have a list of Templates (wrappers), you'll need to first UPLOAD HTML Templates first by [Choose File] from your local system, and then clicking the [Upload] button to upload this to the eCellar servers in your account.

You can create email templates from scratch, or utilize campaign wrappers (html) from other campaign systems that you've created.

NOTE: In order for the uploaded template to include any content that is entered in the HTML Content window in the Campaign Manager, it is required that the following be placed EXACTLY as-is where you want the dynamic content from eCellar to appear:


We highly recommend, before loading your new wrapper(s) into eCellar, that you validate them here:

Once you/your designer has uploaded email templates, you/they can then manage them over time, with the ability to download, edit and re-upload (replace) the wrapper.  Or, if a template is no longer needed, you can simply delete it, along with all of it's occurrences in historical campaigns (you'll be prompted if campaigns are affected by the delete function).

Please note that by deleting a campaign template, you will NOT affect the look of campaigns that have already been sent, but any future scheduled email campaigns that are attached to that template will go out without a template (with a basic white background, if not otherwise specified in the campaign content body of your campaign).

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