Club Shipment List

Release Note:  On January 23, 2018 the Wine Club Module was upgraded with new features.  Along with this set of changes, the Club shipment list received a new design similar to other multi-card list pages in eCellar, such as the campaign list, and search result lists.

To view, manage and create new club shipment events, navigate to Club > Shipments.  This page has a new design, and aligns with our overall list pages that display multi-line cards of information.  Icons are updated to match other recent updates in eCellar too.  Each shipment event is displayed within a card, and includes at-a-glance details for the shipment setup. The contents displayed in each card will vary slightly based on the shipment event type.  Learn more about club shipment types in the next Article

Shipment Event Definitions

Active An active event displays a green checkmark in the upper left corner.  An event should be set  active when it's the next upcoming shipment, in preparation, and pre-batch orders can be created and assigned to the batch in the POS.  Typically the upcoming event as well as the most recent shipment is active, and available for new subscribers.  While an event is active, it’s looking for all available members and if they are eligible to have an order created.  
Shipment Name The name of the shipment event is user created.  (We like to use a date-style code, which sorts the list in chronological order.)
Brand For Enterprise clients, the brand associated with event will display.
Club Tier The tier of members assigned to the shipment event.
Event Date
 The day invoices will be created in batch.  This is NOT the date you will capture funds or ship the orders.  The event date is set to prevent including customers with a suspend date rate that includes the event date. 
Remix Dates If the shipment is a Remix type club event, the remix dates define the period of time customers can log into their account and access the customization tools to create their club order.
Ship Group The flat-rate club shipping rate group assigned to the event.  This rate will be used for all batch created orders, and can also be used for remix orders.
ID The club shipment ID value is a unique identifier.
Active Members Displays real-time total subscribers that are currently active (not cancelled). 
Subscriber cost The net wine total cost for each individual shipment, based on the included products. (does not include tax and shipping)
Shipment Value The subscriber cost multiplied by active members.
Current Revenue The total revenue (including tax and shipping) for orders created for this club shipment event, includes billing statuses Not Paid, Paid and Partial Paid. 

Functions for each shipment

Edit the shipment event details and products.

Preview the list of members, orders, and error-check before creating the batch for orders missing critical information.

Will generate club orders for all members that do not have one created for this event.

A shipment event can be deleted if there are no products assigned, and if there are no orders created.

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