Need Extra Help Setting up your Allocation Event?

We're here to help!  If you need assistance creating and testing an upcoming allocation event, reach out to our Support Team for extra help.  

Use the list below to gather and provide us with the details required to prepare your allocation release.  Minimum advanced notice of 3-5 days is required to keep your allocation release on schedule. 

Allocation set-up:

  1. Tier name(s)
  2. Event name(s)
  3. Event Start and Close Dates
  4. Products: List all product names and SKUs
  5. Product weights
  6. Product prices
  7. Product Quantities: offer minimum, maximum and wish max by Tier
  8. Product descriptions and/or PDF fact sheets for each product (if applicable)
  9. Product image or bottle shot for each product. (if applicable)
  10. Ship dates available (if applicable)

Campaign set-up:

  1. Save the Date content 
  2. Save the Date launch date and time
  3. Allocation release content

Managed Care:  Delegating the Support Team to create and/or test an upcoming allocation event or campaigns is billable managed care at our standard rate of $150/hour. 

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