Scheduling Campaigns in Advance

Campaigns can be created and scheduled to launch anytime in the future.  Create your annual marketing agenda, and begin creating timely and effective campaigns for the future.  We love this idea.  Set it and forget it!  No more last minute cramming, or waking up at oooh-dark-hundred to launch a campaign as your east coast customers are just waking up. 

In the Campaign Editor, select to set the Send Frequency of your campaign to send the email Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly.  Select a Launch Date and desired Launch Time anytime in the future. Yes, really - anytime in the future. 

Once you've previewed and tested your campaign, it's ready to Launch.  

To Launch the Campaign

Check the box for Launched, confirm the popup, then click Submit to launch the campaign, which will queue it into the bulk mailer.  Do not submit a campaign to launch within 10 minutes of completion to avoid any last minute changes and mistakes. Launching the campaign will initiate the process of sending the email blast to all customers in the target group at the scheduled date and time.  Remember, it takes three-clicks to launch a campaign.
1. check the Launched box
2. confirm the popup validation and
3. click Submit.   

Once a campaign is in a launched state, it is locked for editing and cannot be changed, unless it's unlaunched.  

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