Auto-Recurring Campaigns

Creating automated recurring email campaigns is one of the easiest tools to implement with maximum impact for your customers.  These campaigns can be set to launch at a scheduled time, every Day, Week, Month or Year, based on a trigger in customer data.  The most common setup for this is to have a Welcome Email for all new signups - example is below!  Other great ideas for a recurring campaigns might be Wine Club Welcome campaign, or special Birthday offers.

A daily campaign will sort to the top of your campaign list, so they're easy to access.

In the Campaign Editor, select to change the Send Frequency of your campaign to send the email Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly.  Select a Launch Day and desired Launch Time and select a Begin Date, and End Date.  If setting an end date way out in the future, set yourself a calendar reminder to come back and review this campaign.  

Nearly all recurring campaigns should NOT be allowed to resend to the same address.  Typically these types of campaigns are assigned to a dynamic target customer group which means the result set is evergreen and always changing.  Each time the recurring campaign is sent, it will only send to newly relevant customers in the target customer group.  

Example: Daily Welcome email to new Mailing List signups

Each time a new customer is added your mailing list, a campaign can be sent to them automatically at the designated time of day.  To set up the target customer group, search for Customers and specify the desired customer type and customer source.  Then in the create date, use the smart-selector to choose accounts created yesterday.  

As new customers are added to the database which meet the target customer group criteria, the campaign is sent only to the new email addresses in the group. The results of each day's launch can be seen in the campaign statistics. 

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