Login, Log off and IP Authorization

How to Login

eCellar is a web-based software solution; you can access the system using a web browser.  We recommend using Firefox or Chrome as your primary browser for eCellar. To login to eCellar, go here: https://www.ecellarservices.com

Every user has a unique username and password.  Your login credentials will be assigned by your company's eCellar User Manager, or the Support Team.  It's important to remember your password, and keep it in a safe place.  

How to Log Off

When your finished working in eCellar for the day, be sure to log out of the system to protect your company's database.  To log off, use the User menu in the Admin Control Panel. 

IP Validation

Security is important to us!  For the safety of your database and system configurations, all users with management-level permissions are restricted access to eCellar utilizing approved IP addresses.   In some cases, a company may also choose to require all user login's are restricted to approved IP addresses.  An IP address is the unique identifier for your network, and is usually assigned from your internet provider.  To get you started, we generally authorized your account with the IP address at your winery.

Each user can have up to 15 approved IP addresses in your account at anytime so you can access eCellar from all of your desired locations.  If you try to login (from home, for example) you may see a message that says "Invalid Authentication" which is a failed login warning.  The new IP address needs to be validated to authorize your login.  Submit the IP address from the eCellar login page to the Support Team at supportteam@ecellar1.com and we'll quickly validate this IP address and grant to access to eCellar. 

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