Allocation Tiers

A unique group of customers is assigned into an Allocation Tier.  Each tier is linked to an allocation event, and controls the levels of products and quantities offered.  A customer can only belong to one tier at a time. 

Permission Required:  To access all Allocation settings, your user account must be enabled with the permission for Allocation to access the sub-menu options. Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

To create a new tier, go to Allocation > Tiers from the Admin Control Panel.

Select New Allocation Tier


Complete the Settings for the new tier

- Enter the Name for the Tier
- Enter a sort order value (lowest number will sort to the top of the list)
- Include a description of the tier.  This is for internal use, and a great place to add notes about the tier criteria. 

Click  Save Allocation Information at the bottom of the page

Tier Names

We recommend keeping a consistent tier naming structure for each allocation release.  And, using codes to represent the allocation event, the season, the vintage released and the group level helps maintain easy-to-read reports, and organized data.  We see lots of creativity too, like "Big Buyers" and "Newbies".  Keep in mind that tier names should be easy to understand too! And, tier names are not visible to customers. 

Example: Simple Tier Setup

Example: Tier Names with Codes

Assigning a Tier to Customers

An allocation tier can be assigned to customer records in two ways:

  1. Directly in the Customer Card.
  2. Using the bulk modify tool from any customer search results. 

In the Customer Card

The allocation tier is listed on the General information tab. 

Bulk Modify

A group of customers in search results can be assigned to an allocation tier all at the same time. Learn how to Bulk Modify in this Article. [need to link new article once published]

Hiding an Allocation Tier

In December of 2019 we added a hide/unhide feature to the Allocation Tier list, including a Show Hidden/Hide Hidden tab. In February 2020 we added additional enhancements to this feature.

Important Need-to Know Details About Hidden Tiers

A tier may NOT be hidden if: 
- If a tier is in use: If any customer, regardless of Brand (for Enterprise clients), has the tier assigned to them
For Enterprise clients, the Subscriber Count in the current Brand Context could show as zero (0), but the total assigned count could be greater than 0, therefore the checkbox would be disabled.

- If a tier has a default either in the Admin Panel or a web site

Characteristics of Hidden Tiers:
- Hidden Tiers will not show in a Customer Card

- Hidden Tiers are not be available for Bulk Modify

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