Product Category Sales Report

The Product Category sales report is similar to the Product Collapsed report, with sorting and summarizing based on the sales category assigned to each product. Begin setup by reviewing your Product Categories, then assign a reporting category to each product.

Important Notes:
  • Setup is required to use the new Product by Sales Category Report.
  • Keep your categories organized.
  • In Product General settings, select a single category for sales reporting.
  • Once category is assigned, report will even work on historical sales data.
  • Using the Reports Product Category report.
  • Using the Order Search Results Product Category report.

    Product Categories: All eCellar databases are built with two Product Root Categories; these are Wine and Merchandise. Root Categories are used to control the types of shipping rates and methods available when creating an order. All other categories should be created as sub-categories within these two root categories. Sub-categories will reference shipping rates according to its root category.

Exception to the rule: If you would like a new Root Category created, please contact the support Team for help. We think it’s a good idea to have a root category for Tasting Fees, which doesn’t always fall into the Wine vs. Merchandise options.

Also, you may already have additional Product Root Categories created, these are likely programmed to your online general store, to showcase products according to it’s assigned category.

Product Category Review

To find your product category table, go to Products > Categories

Sample Product Category Table

Each winery uses custom settings in your online general store which are directly tied to product categories. We do not recommend making changes to existing product categories without consulting with your e-commerce manager and/or the Support Team. You can create additional sub-categories to use for sales product category reporting.

Warning: Deleting a category will delete all product associations to it, possibly affecting your online store, product shipping rates, and sales reports. Discount category requisites will be removed meaning that discounts which are only available to products in this category will now be available to ALL categories. Deleting a category will also delete all subcategories belonging to it.

Product Setup for Sales Reporting Category

Products will default to ‘Uncategorized’ until you select a category for sales reporting. In all products on the General Info tab, use the new Sales Report Category picker to select which category you want this product to sort into for category reports.

Product Category Report 

Using the ACP (Admin control Panel) Toolbar, go to Reports > Compan y
Note: this is a permission-based section of the ACP. If you do not see this tool enabled, seek assistance from your winery’s eCellar user manager.
Change the report category to Finance.
Set the date pickers to your desired date-range, and click the Product Category report tab to populate results.

Using the Order Search Reports for Product Sales Category

Search > Orders > Search: Use any saved order search, or select some criteria in the orders search form.

At the Result list, expand {Select Action} menu and select View Company Reports.

In the Finance Report category, you’ll find the Product Category report. Products can only be assigned to a single sales reporting category. To make the most of these new reports, go through your full product list and assign a sales reporting category. We think it’s a great way to compare sales performance year-over-year too! 

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