Exporting Orders

Use the results from an   Order Search to export a desired order result set in a non-destructive export format or destructive export format to a fulfillment house.

      1.) Non-Destructive - export / filter order data in to various export formats and the shipping status will NOT update.
      2.) Destructive - export order data to a fulfillment company and the shipping status on the order will automatically update from Unshipped or Hold Ship to Exported.

Permission Required:  To access the customer tools, your user account must be enabled with three permissions: 
      1.) Primary access to the Admin Control Panel menu, and
      2.) The permission to access the main menu for Orders
Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

Search: Orders > Search > Enter search criteria >  Show Orders

Order Results screen > Expand the  Select Action menu > And Choose Export Orders

Export Screen > Choose your Export Type > Export Records
Download File by clicking on export file.

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