Customer Dedupe Tool

The Dedupe Tool is used to identify and merge duplicate customer records together based on matching criteria. Often for new clients, this is used after an initial data import from multiple databases.

Permission Required:  To access the customer Dedupe Tool, your user account must be enabled with three permissions: 
      1.) Primary access to the Admin Control Panel  and the Customers menu, and
      2.) The permission to access the sub-menu item for Dedupe Tool.
Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

To access the tool navigate to  Customers > Dedupe Tool. 

To merge customer records, first locate duplicate results using the Search Parameters.  Select the customer record fields you wish to match on and click the search button.  Note: Only ACTIVE customers can be merged. 

Best Practice: Use multiple fields to find the most accurate duplicate results. We recommend these following search parameters:
1. Combine First Name, Last Name and zip code to find customers that may have multiple accounts with different usernames or email addresses.
2. Search on First Name, Last Name and Email Address to clean up multiple accounts.
3. Try filtering just on Email Address to review possible duplicates too.


In the results window click the expand [+] icon next to each matched result to select the merge options for this set of duplicates. When reviewing the duplicate records to take action upon, use the scroll bar to view information about the customer record such as last purchase date, club subscriptions and customer type.  This information is important to consider when deciding which record to keep as the Master and which to Merge or even Leave as is.

Master This will become the master record and will keep the existing fields for:
- Billing Address
- Email/Phone/Mail/HTML/Bounce opt out flags 
- Customer Creation Date
- Customer Type
- Customer Source
Merge The following fields are merged into the master record:
- Shipping Addresses
- Campaign results (clicks, opens, etc)
- Orders (invoices and payments) 
- Reservations 
- Reservation Referrals 
- Customer Notes 
- Wine Club Subscriptions 
- Customer Tags
- Credit Cards
Leave These records will not be included in the merge process.  Records that appear to be a unique customer should be marked to leave as is. 

Once the Master and additional records are selected for an action, click the Merge button to execute the process.  Multiple duplicate sets can be stacked up, then merged all at once.  Merges are FINAL and CANNOT be undone.

Note: A NEW note will be created in each of the merged customers noting what customer they were merged into, and the customer will be marked inactive. The Master customer will get a NEW note listing each merged customer.

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