Fulfillment Methods

Every order has a fulfillment method assigned.  The fulfillment method denotes the facility or shipper that is fulfilling the order.

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Fulfillment Methods 

The table of fulfillment methods is universal throughout eCellar, and includes the options below:  

55 Degrees Aero Packing All American All Ways Cool
Bacchus Distribution Bodega Shipping Bottle Direct Buffalo's Shipping
Cartons & Crates Copper Peak Logistics D&D Sawyer DDC Shipping
DHL Easyship DHL Webship Domaine Wine Storage Eagle Rock
Express Wine Delivery FedEx Fitch Mountain Packaging Golden State Overnight
Groskopf GSO 2 GSO Cubed In-House
In-House2 In-House3 In-House4 Michael Dusi Trucking
Napa Valley Wine Storage Napa Wine Lockers NVWW Direct Oeno Vaults
OWS Pack n' Ship Premiere St. Helena Shipping
Stagecoach Express The Wine Company Town Green UPS
Vinfillment Vinfolio Vin-Go Vintage Logistics
Wine Co LLC Wine Country Pack Wine Country Shipping WSCD
Wine Shipping Wine Direct WrapIt Transit WTN Services
WW Shipping Zephyr

Note: To request a new fulfillment company be added to the table, please contact the Support Team.

Managing Fulfillment Methods

How fulfillment services are determined for an order plays an important role in order workflow management and inventory depletion. The following rules are used to determine the fulfillment Method for each order type: 

  1. Shipping orders are assigned a fulfillment service based on the Shipping Zones & Methods rate tables, or from the Club Shipping rate tables.
  2. Pick Up orders (from web, POS or club order generation) are flagged with the following:
    -- Fulfillment = Pickup Location’s fulfillment service
    -- Pick Up orders are created with Shipper = PICK UP, Code = PIC

Be Careful: If a location is available for Pick Up, but no fulfillment method is selected for pickup orders, then the fulfillment will be blank on these orders. 

How Fulfillment, Locations and Inventory are Linked 

Important for brands subscribed to the Inventory Module.

When payment processing occurs on an order, inventory is ‘invoiced’ from a default company location.  An order’s Fulfillment service is used to determine the inventory location.

  • The Fulfillment method is primarily selected based on shipping tables.  
  • Each fulfillment method in use should be connected to a company location that is available for pickup orders and for all "ship from" locations.
  • The connection between fulfillment and a location is used to determine inventory depletion.

Inventory location Selection Rules:

  •  Use the fulfillment service on an order to select INV location (assuming 1:1)
  •  If an order has no fulfillment service designated, use settings in Company > Transaction Source Locations:
    -- if channel is POS, check for terminal ID, use terminal’s Inventory Location 
    -- if channel is POS, and no terminal ID, use Virtual POS Inventory Location 
    -- if any other channel, use channel’s Inventory Location 
  • If the inventory lookup (based on fulfillment) does find more than one location, rather than end up moving inventory in both locations, it will only move it in the first location, sorted by location name.

For brands that are not using the Inventory Module: 

Be sure to check that all settings for each order channel are set to your single company location, in the company > Txn Source Locations page.  And, in your Company Location editor, the Pick Up Services should be set to INHOUSE.  If you are using additional locations for third party shippers, be sure to select their corresponding fulfillment service for both the Pick Up and Shipping fulfillment selections.

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