POS Layaway

  • Layaway functionality allows clients to create partial paid orders that can then be paid incrementally over time. 
  • There are are no apps to download/install, it's free, and it's easy to use for every winery & customer.
  • Layaway is designed for POS use only and not available for use on web sites.

Layaway Set Up

Note: Layaway will work on both registered and virtual terminals. Layaway orders can be processed for Shipping or Pickup.

To be an option in the POS, layaway must first be selected In the Company tab > General Info, under the ACP Setting sub-tab.

Placing an Order in the POS

Order Creation -

  1. Assign the customer to the order via New Customer or search in POS.
  2. Select the shipping address. This can be changed before the order is processed for final payment.
    1. Include a shipping address: This will assign the shipping rate and sales tax, though it cannot be charged until the final payment.
    2. If, upon subsequent payments the shipping address is changed:
      1. The Sales Tax will update automatically to the new shipping location.
      2. The shipping rate needs to be manually updated.
  3. Add the desired product and quantities
  4. Confirm all of the other order information: Channel, Inventory Location, etc..
  5. Select a credit card on file, or New - Save. This can be updated/changed at a later time if needed. It is NOT recommended to choose New - Do NOT Save.

Order Layaway -

  1. Click the LAYAWAY button, it will change from black to blue.
  2. Enter the initial percentage or dollar amount to be paid. The amount paid and the balance will be calculated.

The image above shows a 25% payment, the one below a 50% payment. Note the respective amounts and calculated balances.

  1. Click PLACE ORDER - A Partial Paid order will be created. Note that it can still be edited in the POS for additional payments.

NOTE: Shipping Rate and Sales tax cannot be calculated until the final changes/payment has been made.

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