eCELLAR Tock Integration

The eCELLAR Tock Integration is a one way integration that pulls information from Tock once per night and stores the information in eCELLAR for the purposes of customer segmentation and marketing.

NOTE: You must be on the Tock PRO Plan for access to the data required for this integration.

Tock reservation datapoints are pulled on a regular interval (nightly) via Tock's API, inserted and/or updated into eCELLAR for centralized data collection and query purposes across all brands. Datapoints collected and stored in eCELLAR include (where present):

- Party Name
- Reservation Date & Time
- Reservation Type (experience)
- Reservation Status
- Party Size
- Reservation Notes 
- Reservation Location (must be mapped by the user)
- Customer information (email, first and last name)

If Customer (email) doesn't exist in the winery's eCELLAR database, a new account will be created within eCELLAR with the following defaults taken from the Web Store Settings

- Customer Source
- Customer Type
- Allocation Tier (if applicable)

Please note that the following datapoints contained in Tock will  not be collected and stored in eCELLAR:
- Orders and related payments
- Table assignments
- Customer credit card information

Requirements to utilize the Tock integration:

  1. Must have a PRO Tock account.
  2. Please Contact eCELLAR Support for instructions on set up and how to securely transmit.
  3. Business Group ID and Business ID (For each brand if you are an Enterprise Client).
  4. Coordinate with Support on the initial pull.  This initial pull will import all guests/customers who do not currently exist in eCELLAR and populate the Tock Experiences List which will need to be mapped by the client.

NOTE: Since the Integration could potentially import thousands of customers, any regularly scheduled email campaigns for New customers will include these newly imported customers.

Map the Tock Experiences: Instructions for Mapping the Tock Experiences can be found  here

Integration with eCellar must then be enabled by the eCellar Support Team. 

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