Ship State Limiter

Individual products can be now be limited to ship to only specifically selected states online via the new Ship State Limiter. 

Once a product is limited, it can only be shipped to the state(s) in the Ship Group(s). If the customer has a shipping address outside of the permitted states selected, any items that have been limited will display a message saying "Shipping for this item is not permitted to North Carolina" or the like.

To use this new feature follow these steps:

   Begin by setting the Ship State Groups:

  Next create the Ship State Groups > from the Ship State Group Menu click "Add a New Group":

Note: A Ship State Group can only be deleted if it is NOT tied to a product. 

   Name your group and then select the states you wish to limit shipping to by checking the appropriate boxes

Click "Save" to navigate back to the Ship State Groups Menu. 

Note: A single state can exist in multiple Ship State

   Once you have created your Ship State Groups, navigate to the Product List and select the product you intend to limit to your now created Group(s). The Ship State Group           selector can be found under the Availability Tab of the Product Card:

Once saved, online sales for this product will be limited to the states in the groups selected for Web Store sales regardless of the Customer Type.

  The customer will now receive a message in the path to purchase if they attempt to purchase an item that has been limited to a state or states other than their selected shipping address

The customer can select a valid shipping address or by clicking on the "cart items" link, the customer will navigate back into their cart view and giving them the opportunity to remove the state limited item(s):

The limited product must be removed from the cart or a non-limited shipping address must be chosen before the order can proceed to checkout. 

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