eCELLAR Updates - 2020

Welcome to our eCellar Current Updates page!

The following updates were delivered 2020:   

  • eCommerce
    • Abandoned Shopping Cart
    • ADA Compliance
    • Express (1-click) checkout for those customers with billing, shipping & credit card info in their profile
    • Side-kick with Auto-suggest showing customers other wines others have purchased when adding to cart
  • Campaign Manager
    • Magic Link auto-login & target capability with 9 new magic links added during 2020!
      • My Account
      • My Allocation
      • Create A ReMix Order
      • Join A Wine Club
      • Edit A Club Subscription
      • Book A Reservation
      • Declined Orders
      • Abandoned Cart
      • Add-to-Cart
    • Link click-through counts now link in Campaign stats & now searchable showing customers who clicked/didn't click
  • Allocation: 
    • Enhancements to Search
    • Tier viewing (count)
    • Tier hiding capability
  • Reservation Manager: All reservations booked via Booking Agents now appear on main grid as 'Requested'; 
  • Inventory: 
    • New location counts download & inventory count upload spreadsheet capability; 
    • enforcement of pull for hold pickup/ship
    • Automatic emails sending location counts at end-of-month
    • Zero count suppression eliminates eye clutter
  • Wine Club Manager
    • Custom Club enhancements: minimum (annual) purchase, customer type limiting per tier
    • Club shipment copy function (standard & ReMix) saves time
  • Search Additions (May 19th)
  • POS
    • Kitchen receipt printing
    • Re-skined for better look & flow; new architecture for easier future enhancements
    • Logo printing on receipts for Enterprise brands
  • Bulk Modify (Orders): Internal Comments & Ship Method

2020 Timeline of eCELLAR enhancements:

December 30, 2020

  • Tax by line item (sponsored by The Wine Group- thank you!) is now active for all orders moving forward. Many reports and exports now show tax amount by line item.

December 1, 2020

  • Logo printing on receipts for Enterprise (multi-brand) clients has been resolved.

November 10, 2020

  • Administrative Control Panel & POS re-skin completed!  Part II of our Infrastructure Upgrade, this is not only a better look for users in the office, tasting room and beyond, but a new, modern underlying architecture to streamline the process for future eCELLAR workflow enhancements.  Many visual fixes and minor enhancement requests have also been completed with this release.

October 27, 2020

  • Bulk Modify Orders: Internal Comments & Ship Method for order(s) can now be done in bulk based on any criteria.  This is in addition to the ability to bulk modify Order Tags & HOLD SHIP Date.  Thank you to Peter Michael Winery for sponsoring this feature!

October 15, 2020

  • Automated end-of-month email of sku counts across all locations: To receive an email showing end-of-month inventory counts at all locations (in an excel spreadsheet ), add the recipient email address(es) to the new Inventory Contact field in the Admin Control Panel (ACP) Company-General Info page.  Multiple email addresses may be added by separating with commas, e.g.,
  • Zero count display suppression: All inventory locations now show sku counts greater/less than zero, and supress zero counts by default, showing only those skus with counts other than zero.  You can toggle to show zero counts easily by clicking on the option just above the title header.
  • Show Sku Count & Show Location Counts now exportable to excel: You can now manually export sku counts by location and overall sku counts across all locations by click on the excel icon in the title header.

October 1, 2020

  • Club ReMix customers now have the option to edit their billing, shipping and credit card information in their subscription during checkout.

September 21, 2020

  • Magic Link #9: Add-To-Cart deployed!  This new feature allows you to send an email to your customers with a link when clicked, automatically logs them into their account on your website AND adds your selected wines & quantities into their cart, ready for one-click checkout with no login required!  Documentation is here.

September 14, 2020

  • Bug Fixes & Enhancements:
    • Campaign Manager: Copy campaign fix if name is longer than 64 characters
    • Orders captured via online store can now be voided same day without error
    • Reservations Manager moved blocks retain end time when browser is scaled less than 100%
    • Optimized Customer Search on campaign links (who clicked what in campaign)
    • POS: Credits and Returns now are forced to utilize original gateway
    • Product Card: Uploaded images now show immediately - no refresh needed

July 14, 2020

  • Campaign Manager: Emails are marked opened even when the recipient does not allow images to be shown in their email reader (thus activating our web bug image), BUT they click on a link within the campaign
  • Designer Widgets: Email notifications are now sent to the winery when an order is placed in the general & allocation store
  • Various bug fixes for better operational performance

June 30, 2020

  • Narvar Track integration added to eCELLAR (sponsored by Clif Family Winery):  Ship Tracking links in eCELLAR custom receipt emails now route to your Narvar-customized page for your brand providing luxury ship-tracking service for your customers, including email text updates! (Narvar subscription required)
  • Various ACP enhancements for eCELLAR staff to expedite faster setup for additional services for clients

June 16, 2020

  • Kitchen Printing now available!  Perfect for wineries that need orders taken via eCELLAR POS printed in the kitchen, we now offer automated printing to eliminate user error and/or sending to the wrong printer.
  • Inventory SKU transfer fix - transferring a new sku to an existing location now properly inserts the new sku at that location, with the quantity.
  • Other various Designer Widget and ACP bug fixes and enhancements

May 19, 2020

  • Abandoned Cart Search & Action tools released in ACP Customer Search, Magic Links & Campaign Manager!!
    • Search for Abandoned carts by cart age, contents, and min/max quantities, by brand (if applicable).  Searches can be saved for campaigns, or customer results can be used to contact and/or complete abandoned carts from the ACP
    • New Abandoned Cart Magic Link type created so you can send campaigns to clients with abandoned carts to automatically be logged into their account, and view cart to checkout
  • Search for Campaign Clickthroughs: Retarget and re-market to those who clicked/didn't click!
  • Search Additions (other)
    • Search Templates: You will now see example searches added regularly by eCellar staff that you can adopt as your own, and tweak as necessary!  Look for the lightening bolt in each search category!
    • Birthdate Range and Age Range options added (Customer Search)
    • No Source option added to Customer Source (Customer Search)
    • Canceled Last Month option added (Memberships Search)
    • Sales Rep option added (Memberships Search)
    • Fulfillment shipped/not shipped/fail/success option added (Orders Search)
    • Blank Ship/Pickup Date option added (Orders Search)

May 11, 2020

  • Highlight current time on Calendar Grid: There is now a red line on the calendar grid showing the current time (in location timezone)
  • Club Shipment (Standard & ReMix) copy function: A long-requested addition has been delivered!  Easily replicate prior club shipments to to launch a new shipment with minor edits

Apr 27, 2020

  • Card Updater Unleashed!
    • In MyAccount, customers are prompted to update their credit card information to update their club profile AND any declined order(s) within look-back window (set in eCellar ACP Company->General Info page)
    • Turned on for all clients with 60 day look-back window enabled
    • New Card Updater Magic Link type created so you can send campaigns to clients with declined orders to automatically be logged into their account, and enter new credit card information
  • Enhancements & Bug FixesNow Being Retained In Search
    • Increased response time in Booking Agents when customers search for available times
    • Card information (Card Type & Last 4) now in public (My Account) order history

Apr 14, 2020

  • Added Comments to Shipper to Special Instructions column in Order Exports
  • Allocation Tiers Now Being Retained In Search
  • Allocation Event Editor now has WYSIWYG control for Description field, allowing you to emphasize text with bold, underline, italics, etc when your customers see their allocation
  • Custom Receipt Templates: Now enterprise enabled, allowing wineries to save specific custom receipt headers and footers within the brand context
  • DW Site Map: Added image presence indicators to show header, image1 and thumbnail image presence needed for Designer Widget displays

Mar 25, 2020

  • Sidekick with Auto-Suggest! (Designer Widgets only)
    • When customers add-to-cart, an optional notification slides out from the right in the browser (desktop and mobile). NOTE: Your designer needs to enable this feature simply by adding a DIV tag to your eCellar Designer Widgets page(s)
    • Products suggested will be automatically based on order history, and will be presented based on availability to customer type, and if the product is already in the cart
    • Auto-suggest can be enabled in the eCellar ACP in the Company-General Info page towards the bottom.  After checking auto-suggest box, choose whether you want suggestions based on Popularity or Volume, and the Look-back Time Window
  • Express Checkout: Consumers checking out will now enjoy skipping 4 steps and go straight to the preview page if:
    • Delivery: They have a default shipping address on file with phone, 21 years+ old & allowed ship-to state
    • Billing: They have valid billing address information including first name, last name, address line 1, city, country, postal code & birth date
    • Payment: Most recently added card is auto-selected

      Please note the customer can edit any of the above from the preview page.

Mar 15, 2020

  • Custom Club Enhancements: (Designer Widgets only)
    • ACP Additions:
      • Club Tier Editor: 
        • Add Minimum Annual Spend
        • Added Customer Type availability selector
        • Added Public Signups (for Join Club form) vs. My Account Signups
      • Club Product Types: add Max Qty allowed and Estimated Price
      • Added Deep Link for 'Join A Club'
    • (Public) My Account: Enabled Custom Club allowing signup within with new options as dictated above

Feb 26, 2020

  • Wine Club Signup Agree-to-Recurring-Fee checkbox: (Designer Widgets only)
    • Added to all Designer Widgets wine club signup form templates, as per ABC Advisory on Wine Club Renewals for consumer's agreement to recurring payments.
    • Enforcement: Consumers who join a wine club online now must agree to recurring fees from the winery.  The subscription will not be created without them checking this box (thus agreeing to the terms).
    • Auditable: The date of agreement (and submittal) is recorded in that club subscription when they agreed to join online, and visible within the Customer Card.
  • Cart Rehydration (returning to abandoned shopping cart) enhancements:
    • Customer Type: Products no longer associated with the returning customer's Customer Type are now excluded from the abandoned cart (not rehydrated).
    • Extras: This is in addition to excluding products that are no longer in the DW Site Map OR Displayed on Web.
  • Improved OpenEdge Credit Card form handling: When an error occurs when a customer enters a card online into the OE payform, we improved our error messaging via screen pop-up, and when acknowledged, the payform reloads allowing them to try again.
  • Numerous Designer Widgets optimizations for better click-through operations

Feb 25, 2020

  • Allocation List enhancements:
    • Allocation Tiers: We now only show the hide checkbox when there are zero subscribers (across all brands)
    • Allocation dropdown lists: We now exclude hidden tiers (completely) from the allocation list pulldowns in the Customer Card & Bulk Modify
  • Customer Card:
    • Allocation Tier pulldown: We are no longer showing hidden allocation tiers
    • Credit Card tab enhancements: We have added Created Date and Modified Date to each credit card line to let you know the latest credit card that has been added & changed.
    • Wine Club tab enhancement: We now show a new date/time field, Fee Confirmation, to abide by the ABC Advisory on Wine Club Renewals for consumer's agreement to recurring payments.  This will show the date that the consumer created their wine club subscription online (Designer Widgets only).
  • Orders - Company Pulldown (Enterprise): We now allow our Enterprise admins, who manage multiple brands/websites, to change the company that an order is associated with.  NOTE: You need permissions to have this ability - please contact if you need to add this.
  • Numerous database optimizations for better speed during operations of high-volume clients

Feb 10, 2020

  • Campaign Magic Links and Deep Links have arrived! (for Designer Widgets (DW) only)
    • Easily create powerful Magic Links & Deep Links in our new management pages in the ACP
    • Add Magic Links from a pulldown in Campaign Editor to easily add auto-login links within your eCellar-driven campaigns directing your consumers to MyAccount, Allocation, ReMix events & Booking Agents! View our Help Doc on Magic Links
    • Add Deep Links from a pulldown in Campaign Editor to direct your consumers to MyAccount, My Allocation, & Booking Agents!  View our Help Doc on Deep Links
    • Campaign Stats now show statistics on both Magic & Deep link click-throughs!
  • ADA Accessibility Improvements: Designer Widgets have been enhanced to be much more ADA compliant.  There's nothing to do, unless your designer created custom forms from Designer Widgets.
  • Project Streamline: When a customer logs into Designer Widgets-based My Account and clicks to place their ReMix order (or are sent there via Magic Link), if they only have one subscription, they will be automatically forwarded to their ReMix.  For those customers with more than one ReMix available, they can still choose.
  • Phone Number in all Designer Widgets-based Shipping Forms now required: All shipping forms (Add & Edit) on the public side of the website now require phone number; Please note: shipping forms in customer card do not require ship phone number

Feb 5, 2020

  • Reservations Manager (for Designer Widgets (DW) only)
    • New Requested tab above calendar grid showing list of reservations of Status: Requested - these are future bookings that are placed through DW Booking Agents
    • All new reservation requests placed online via Booking Agents will now appear on your daily calendar grid as Status: Requested - eliminating the back-and-forth between the Unscheduled tab!
    • Reservation requests confirmed to be emailed to the Reservations Manager email as specified in Company->General Info tab
  • Reports: As asked for in our January 2020 User Group, criteria is now showing in printed reports
  • Inventory: 
    • Adjustments/Transfers are now only allowed with (new) inventory sub-permission
    • Streamline your inventory counts, and upload in BULK!  Our new spreadsheet download/upload feature of bulk inventory sku count adjustments helps make your inventory count management by location a breeze!
    • We now force integrity for inventory pull accuracy by disallowing employees to manually override the pull location for pickup order transactions.

Jan 22, 2020

  • Bug #5362: Customer Card: Error when card is closed during initial load
  • Bug #5366: Ship Zone: cannot delete ship zone if it has methods or discounts
  • Feature #5364: Wine Shipping Dashboard: suppress http error messages during WS service failure/unavailability
  • Feature #5335: Company Info (ENTERPRISE): protect from overwrites when logged in another tab
  • Bug #5369: POS: error attempting to save/process order without a ship address selected
  • Bug #5368: POS: check inventory errors when discount is blank for a product
  • Bug #5367: Allocation Event Upload

Jan 7, 2020

    Allocation Managers, we have added more tools to help you visualize and manage which allocation tiers your customers belong in by brand.

    • Customer Search: Allocation section now has a brand dropdown that defaults to All, but allows you to select a particular brand to search tiers for
    • The Allocation > Tiers list has a "Current Subscriber Count" column that can be clicked to automatically run a customer search using the same criteria that is used to tally up each count!

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