eCELLAR Updates - This Year

Welcome to our eCellar Current Updates page!

What we're up to & working on as of June 2, 2021:   

  • In development targeted for 2nd Quarter Delivery:
    • Multi-Ship in Beta soon to sponsors (Thank you sponsors!)
    • Capacity-related Reservations Manager enhancements
    • Ship Manager
    • POS Tabs Enhancements
    • Various bug fixes & enhancements

The following enhancements have already been added to eCELLAR:

June 2, 2021

  • Reservation Manger Enhancements:
    • New envelope icon to quick-send email from reservation block to primary account holder 
    • Hide Reservation Host(s): You can now hide reservation host(s) that no longer work at the winery, removing them from the drop-down host list in Res Mgr when creating new reservations. (Go to Res Mgr->Settings-> Reservation Hosts) 
    • Hide Reservation Station(s): You can now hide stations that are no longer used, which will remove the station(s) from the drop-down station list in Res Mgr & Booking Agents when creating new reservations. (Go to Res Mgr->Settings->Locations->Stations) 
    • Hide Reservation Type(s): You can now hide Reservation Types that are no longer used, which will remove them from the drop-down Res Type list in Res Mgr & Booking Agents when creating new reservations. (Go to Res Mgr->Settings->Reservation Types)
  • Campaign & Password Reset Enhancements:
    • Change Password Enhancement: Consumers can now change their password online via secure link without knowing their previous password. This will eliminate frustration with customers whose accounts were created by the winery host during their visit, and did not choose their initial password during account creation.
    • Campaign Manger 'Launched' box moved: We've moved this box so it no longer covers the target group, and becomes semi-transparent when moused over.

May 6, 2021

  • Enhancements:
    • Customer name and ship (or pickup) address now printing on all POS Receipts!
    • ShipCompliant: One character brand key now supported in eCELLAR
    • POS order save now stores customer phone number in To Pickup location for winery reference
  • Fixes:
    • Delete Club Tier with zero subscribers
    • Delete Club Event when allocation cart exists

April 19, 2021

  • Introducing eCELLAR Push PayTM!  Customers can check out on their own phone!  Simply use the PUSH button in eCELLAR POS and you will be prompted with Push options.  To keep track of Push'ed orders, use the new Tabs feature, which can be enabled for any/all physical terminals in Terminal Manager.  Contact support with questions: 707-942-9700 x1. Demo video here
  • New Tip Preview for touchscreen (Sponsored by Davis Estates - thank you!)
  • POS Enhancements & Fixes:
    • Manual discounts, and saved discounts, are now sticky!
    • FIX: Shipping Method now maintained when pulling in saved order
    • Shipping addresses auto-display when selecting ship (UG Req)
    • Shipping addresses now sorted by fname, lname, state
    • Wine Club Addresses & Credit cards now have asterisk (UG Req)
    • Wine Club (cxl’d) subscription now marked CXLD and moved to bottom

March 24, 2021

  • Ship State Limiter (Sponsored by The Wine Group - thank you!): Allows you to limit ship-states availability by product in the Products->Availability tab.  Read the documentation.

March 15, 2021

  • Added recipient DOB in column AF for all 205 exportable report formats (destructive & non-destructive)

January 7, 2021

  • Order Expanded Export now contains Tax by line item & Tip Amount

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