Navigating the Admin Control Panel

The Admin Control Panel (ACP) is the central location for all modules and tools in eCellar, accessible from any computer with internet access.  Manage all software components and data for customers, products, orders, shipping rates, wine club, allocation and email campaigns with flexibility and efficiency.  And, access the point-of-sale and reservations calendar to easily place orders and review and create appointments.

Navigating the Header Tools

  • Quick Search is a fast tool to quickly locate a customer record or an order detail. Learn more about Quick Search in this Article >
  • The Server number displays in the upper right corner.  Typically, a user's session will remain on the same server until your next login.  It can be helpful to take note of your Server ID when reporting an issue to the Support Team. 
  • Get Help! Use the ? to find the eCellar online knowledge base, the Help Center. (You're here now!)
  • For most clients, the name of your Brand will display in the upper left corner too.  And for Enterprise clients, users with special permissions may also have a drop-down selector to choose a sub-brand. 

The Admin Control Panel Toolbar

The toolbar can be found on all pages within the ACP for easy navigation between modules and tools.  Each menu option available within the toolbar is based on the user permissions enabled for each active user account.  Learn more about User Permissions in this Article >

Use the guides below to help navigate the sub-menu options.

Search Menu

     > Search Create saved customer groups for reporting and targeted email campaigns, based on location, purchase history, customer type, and more.
     > View Reload the most recent customer search result set.
     > Search Search and save order queries for daily workflows and reports.
     > View Reload the most recent order search result set.
     > Search Search for order data based on specific payment filters.
     > View Reload the most recent payment search result set.
     > Search Filter results based on club membership data points.
     > View Reload the most recent membership search result set.
     > Search Search for reservations based on defined criteria.
     > View Reload the most resent reservations search result set.
Search Tools Review, reload, and delete any saved searches.

Customers Menu

Search An older version of the customer search form.  Can be used for reporting and exports.
View Reload the most recent customer search.
Add New (quick) Add a new customer record with minimal requirements. 
Add New (detailed) Add a complete new customer record with addresses, credit cards, notes, tags and more.
Groups Legacy saved customer search groups.  Formerly used with campaigns. 
Preferences Preferences have been replaced with customer tags, a more versatile tool for tracking customer information.
Tags Create tag categories and unique tags to identify preferences, purchases, events, any any helpful information about a customer to improve marketing and workflows.
Sources Create and review the customer sources available in your database.
Types   Create, review and customize the customer types available in your database.
Dedupe Tool Filter customer results based on duplicate criteria, then select records to merge together. Orders Menu

Order Menu

Search An older version of the customer search form.  Can be used for reporting and exports.
View Reload the most recent customer search.
Order Tags Add a new customer record with minimal requirements. 
  Bulk Auth/Capture Log View and re-queue batches of orders for payment processing. 
  Import Chatterbox Orders An import tool for use with Chatterbox Marketing.
  Import Closed Orders    An import tool for  closing large batches of orders. (Can also be performed using bulk modify in search results.) Learn more about Closed Orders in this Article >
Custom Receipts Personalize bulk receipt templates with messaging and header/footer files.

Reports Menu

Company View overall company performance, sales trends, products sold, financial and tax reporting, new customers and sales rep metrics.  Extensive reporting available by date-range or with any search result set, or saved report. 
Tasting Room View Tasting Room metrics compared to prior year for performance trending. Only POS sales channel revenue is reported.
Reservations Reservations by day, and performance by reservation type and station, plus referral reporting.
Clubs Membership metrics by tier, including lifetime value, average sale, tenure, attrition and detailed exports.
Allocation Event overview, products sold and customer performance including re-rate metrics.

Campaigns Menu

View All View all campaigns, and filter by type.  Recurring and most recent campaigns will sort to the top of the list.  Use the functions to edit an existing campaign, view statistics, and create a copy to begin a new campaign.
Create New Build a new email campaign for all types (customers, memberships and reservations) set for single launch or recurring automatic sends based on search criteria. 
  Email Validator review and update email addresses that are malformed and types incorrectly.
  Bulk Bounce Opt-out An import tool for updating customer records with an email bounce from external email service providers.
Summary Reporting Summary of campaign sends per billing cycle.

Content Menu

Website For websites hosted with eCellar, that are enabled with CMS (content management system) navigate to the editors through this navigation link. 
Asset Manager A file directory for storing and organizing assets such as images, bottle shots and pdfs to be used in email campaigns and website content. 
Blog Manage blog categories, postings and comments. (Module required.)
Events Manage event categories, and listings. (Module required.)


View Manage product for online, club, allocation and POS all controlled within the individual product settings.  Use the finder to locate or filter the list, then click the product name to view settings. 
Add New Create a new product. (Also, its easy to create the next vintage of a product by creating from a copy.)
Categories Manage product categories.  All products must be assigned a root category of Wine or Merchandise.  Sub-categories can be created and used for custom online store styles, and for sales reporting. 
Inventory The inventory module tools are listed in the table below. 
Types Product types can be used with custom programing for different display templates online.
Cross Sell A custom feature to cross-promote products in the online store.
Quick Pick   Manage the POS quick pick product keys and categories.  Design up to eight sets of 12 products for fast product selection. 


Staging/Receiving Create inbound wine deliveries prior to receiving into inventory. 
Show Inventory  
  By Location View total inventory counts summarized by location, and drill-down into locations for specific SKU detail. 
  By SKU Summary inventory counts by SKU across all locations.
  Transaction History Use filters to review specific SKU movement and transactions over a period of time.
  Summary Search by SKU to view real-time summary of available and on-hand inventory amounts.
  SKUs Create new inventory items, review, and deactivate SKUs when no longer available.
  Sources Manage off-site inventory sources, used in staging/receiving orders.
  Transfers Transfer quantity of a SKU from one location to another.
  Adjustments Create a positive or negative adjustment to correct a SKU balance.


Tiers Manage, review and create new allocation tiers.
Events View and create new allocation events.
Upload Event For use only with individual-style allocation, use the upload to create the event and tiers.
Upload Wish Grants The first step in individual wish granting.
Allocation History Report A downloadable spreadsheet of allocation event data.
Group Wish Grant Utility A tool for processing wish grants by round-robin style and create new orders for the additional wines.
Individual Wish Grant Utility The second step in individual wish granting which appends the granted wines back into the original order, so all products ship together.

Company Menu

General Info Manage all company contacts by department and overall general settings.
User Manager Add new users and manage permissions allowed for each user account.
Discounts Create and review automatic discounts for promotions and by customer type.
Shipping Manage daily shipping rates in the Zones & Methods table.
Bulk add tracking information using the import utility.
Tax Manage tax settings by state.
Locations Create and manage all locations; used for ResMgr calendar, inventory locations, tasting room locations and "will call" pickup locations.
Txn Source Locations Control inventory defaults by sales channel.
Payment Gateway Manager Assign eligible gateways to registered terminals any by order source. (use only with Support Team assistance.)

Club Menu

Tiers Manage all tier levels including tier names, and the type of tier for standard or custom club, and quickly view subscriber counts. 
Product Types Product types are used in Custom Club to allow a customer to pre-select purchase levels for each type of wine.
Shipping Rates Manage and create flat-rate shipping tables for various shipment sizes and season.
Shipments View and create new club shipment events.  All shipment types are in a single list for standard, custom and remix club shipments.
Settlement View performance of each shipment batch, easily navigate to paid and not paid orders, and initiate bulk auth/capture by shipment event.

POS Menu

POS Select the top-level menu option to open the point-of-sale.
Register Terminal For initial terminal setup, or re-assigning a terminal that lost it's ID.
Reports Z Report: For registered terminals, daily report and closing.
Composite Z Report: for back office reconciliation of all terminals.
Quick User Change Manage the users names and buttons that display in the quick user change popup for sales reps to quickly log into their account in the POS. 

Res Mgr

The top-level menu item to open the Reservations Manager calendar in a new browser tab. 

User Menu

View History Review your account login history.
Change password Update your user account password. for security, passwords must be changed every 90 days.
Log off End your session in eCellar for the day.

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