Payment Poller for Error Prevention (released 08/01/2017)

Payment Poller

For OPENEDGE HOSTPAY Prevents Incomplete Orders

This is a background polling service that periodically checks for OpenEdge transactions that failed to complete in eCellar. Specifically, this scenario occurs when a credit card transaction has been initialized, and eCellar does not receive a response back from the payment gateway. This creates a not paid order with an incomplete credit card payment.  When this happens, eCellar will poll the gateway in 20 minute cycles to scan and auto-void any transactions that were not fully completed in the POS.  The primary function for the poller is to identify and VOID any OpenEdge HostPay transactions that succeeded at OpenEdge, but the POS did not receive a response for the payment. 

Here's an example of what an order might look like if it did not receive a payment response back in the POS.  Notice the payment doesn't have any information and says  Specify Card Info.

If the Poller finds that OpenEdge did in fact process the payment, it will automatically VOID the payment in OpenEdge, and add some helpful information in the bottom of the Order Detail page.  

This means the poller successfully found the transaction paid in OpenEdge but did not send a response back, so the poller voided the transaction.  Now the order can be completed in the POS with a new payment attempt, or in most cases the sales rep has already processed a new order for the customer. 

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