Add Ship Tracking to Orders

The Add Ship Tracking import tool allows you to bulk update the shipping status of an order to Shipped or Delivered and appends the order with the tracking information. 

Permission Required:  To access the Ship Tracking Import, your user account must be enabled with two permission: primary access to the Company menu, and the permission to access the sub-menu option for Shipping settings. Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

To access the Ship Tracking import tool, navigate to the company menu using the Admin Control Panel (ACP) toolbar: select Company > Shipping > Utilities > Add Ship Tracking.


Follow the on-screen instructions

- Download the template file


Prepare the Import File

Example template: Important: Carrier codes must be entered in the format shown in example (TEXT). Only FEDEX, UPS and GSO formats are accepted.

Note: The Ship Date is required to update orders to a shipped status.  The Delivery Date is optional, and if included, will update the order status to Delivered.


Save and Import the File

- Save as CSV file. (In using a mac, save as Windows CSV format.)
- Import the file into eCellar, and wait for the confirmation that orders have been updated.

The Ship Date and Order status will be updated.

And the carrier and tracking information will be available at the bottom of the order detail. Click on the tracking number to be directed to the carrier website for more detailed package information.

Ship Tracking Import for Delivery Date 

When using the ship tracking import utility to updated shipped orders and insert tracking information into the order detail, the utility will also update the delivered date information, when included in the import file. Please note, If a delivery date is included in the spreadsheet to import, the order ship status will be updated to Delivered, and the delivery date will be appended into the carrier tracking information. 

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