Company Locations

The start of many functions of eCELLAR are your Company Location Settings. These are accessed via the Company Menu from your eCELLAR Dashboard.  

For clients without the Inventory module, ensure that all settings for each channel are set to your single company location, in the company > TXN Source Locations page.  And, in your Company Location editor, the PickUp Services should be set to INHOUSE.  If you are using additional locations for third party shippers, be sure to select their corresponding fulfillment service for both the PickUp and Shipping fulfillment selections.

For clients with the Inventory module: when payment processing occurs on an order, inventory is ‘invoiced’ from a default company location.  An order’s Fulfillment service is used to determine the inventory location.

How is the Fulfillment services determined for an order:

Shipping orders are assigned fulfillment service based on the Shipping Zones & Methods rate tables, or from the Club Shipping rate tables. PickUp orders (from Web, POS or Club Order Generation) all flagged the same way where the fulfillment is the Pickup Location fulfillment service.

Location Selection Rules:

Location is selected by the following procedure, using the fulfillment service on an order to select the appropriate Inventory location.  If no fulfillment service is designated, the Inventory Location is determined by the terminal settings for POS orders and by the Sales Channel's Transaction Source Location for any other Sales Channel. If the inventory lookup (based on fulfillment) does find more than one location, it will only move it in the first location, alphabetically.  

Example of Company Locations List

Locations MUST have a valid address and telephone number. Use the guide below to manage your fulfillment settings.

Company > Locations (permission based access)

Sample settings below.

Click the Location Name to access the editor and settings

Location Editor

Locations MUST have a valid address (for tax purposes ZIP + 4 is HIGHLY recommended) and telephone number. Use the guide below to manage your fulfillment settings.

Example Primary Location

Example Secondary Location

Example Third-party shipper Location

Example Warehouse and/or Fulfillment location

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