Tax Settings

Two types of configurations are available for sales tax calculations:

  1. Flat rate tax rates set for each state
  2. Automated tax service lookup for rates based on city, state and zip code

 If you do not know which tax configuration your company uses, please contact the Support Team for assistance.  Tax settings can be found using the Admin Control Panel toolbar: Company > Tax

Permission Required:  To access the tax settings, your user account must be enabled with two permission: primary access to the Company menu, and the permission to access the sub-menu option for Tax. Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

Flat Rate Tax Settings

Sales tax will be calculated for each order based on the STATE ONLY of the address.  Immediate pickup orders are charged sales tax based on your company location address.  For shipping orders, tax will be automatically populated based on the STATE of the recipient address. 

To configure the state-based tax rates, go to Company > Tax from the Admin Control Panel. 

Locate the State you want to add or edit the rate for
Enter tax rate using the format shown in the example
Click Save Changes at the bottom of the rate table
Additional setting: Select the check box to also apply the tax rate to the shipping charges

Tax Service Settings

If you subscribe to the automated Tax Service then you do not need to regularly update rates.  Our Tax Service automatically updates rate changes on the 1st of each month.  Only consider making changes if your direct shipper policies or permits have changed.  

The tax rate will be automatically populate in each order based on the shipping zip code, city and state lookup, if it’s a shipping order.  This service ensures the most accurate rate for state and local taxes. The Tax Service houses hundred of thousands of rates, and are not visible anywhere. 

Any box with the  override box unchecked is automatically using the look up rate from the Tax Service. If the override box IS checked then it’s ignoring the look up rate, and using the flat rate entered in the Tax Rate field.  If it’s a state that does not collect sales tax, then the override box can remain unchecked.

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