Inventory Locations and Fulfillment

Inventory locations are created for each physical location where wine is sold from as well as storage facilities. Examples are tasting rooms, fulfillment houses and warehouses.  Begin with first assessing what types of sales transactions occur:

  •  Tasting Room sales (on-site)
  • Wine club and Web orders for pickup
  • Orders for shipment from In-house
  • Orders for shipment from a Fulfillment house 

Each of these transaction types (and more) may have their own unique fulfillment methods, and each fulfillment method is directly related to an Inventory Location.  To create and manage locations in the Admin Control Panel, navigate to the Company > Locations settings.  Each location can be individually activated as an inventory location.  Some locations may be used for other areas of business, and are not required to also be an inventory location.  Learn all about Company Location setup in this Article.  

Determining Inventory Locations

When payment processing occurs on an order, inventory is invoiced (depleted) from a default location.  An order’s Fulfillment method is used to determine the inventory location, following these rules:

  • The inventory location is primarily determined by the order's Fulfillment. (e.g. WineShipping vs. INHOUSE vs. INHOUSE2 vs. UPS).
  • If an order does not have a Fulfillment service, the inventory location will defer to the Company > Transaction Source Locations. Learn how to set up the default locations by transaction source in this Article. 
  • Each Company Location can be selected specifically for a pickup fulfillment service, AND a single (or multiple) ship fulfillment service.

Be Careful:  The Allocation module is used to manage scarce product.  All allocation orders follow only one rule to determine inventory location for depletion.  Allocation sales channel orders will deplete from the location set in Transaction Source Locations, regardless of the fulfillment method.  This allows for all allocated products to be managed exclusively in it's own location. 

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