Create a Ship Order

To create an order to be Shipped, the order must: 

  1. Have a Customer Record loaded into the POS. (A shipping order cannot be created against the generic QuickSale Account.) 
  2. Change the Method from Immediate Pickup to Ship
  3. Select or Add a Shipping Address for the order
  4. Begin selecting products.

The Default ship method and fulfillment will automatically be selected based on the Shipping Zones & Methods available for the destination State.  

An order can also be assigned a future shipping date, or can be created without a specific ship date, meaning it will ship at the next possible availability.  If an order is scheduled to ship in the future, it will have a ship status of Hold Ship.  And, an order without a designated ship date will have a ship status of unshipped. Use the Options button to set a future ship date, or select a different shipping method. 

Begin in the POS, and Search for the customer.
POS > Search > Lookup Customer Record > Select Customer 

Note: Inactive customer records are outlined in red.

Change the order method to a Ship Order.
Select Ship (from the Immediate Pickup menu) > Select Ship Address

Once products are added to the order, the ship method and rates will populate.  To enter a desired future  ship date and review available ship methods > select  Options.

Complete the sale by selecting desired products and quantities then processing payment.

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