Exporting Customer Information

A standard customer export is available to download essential customer record information. The downloaded file type is CSV.  The export include the following fields:

Data Included in Customer Export

Customer ID First Name Last Name DOB
Email Username Customer Type Allocation Tier
Primary Phone Secondary Phone Mobile Phone Company Name
Billing First Name Billing Last Name Billing DOB Billing Address 1
Billing Address 2 Billing Address City Billing Address State Billing Address Zip
Billing Address Country Billing Address Phone Shipping First Name Shipping Last Name
Shipping Company Shipping Address 1 Shipping Address 2 Shipping Address City
Shipping Address State Shipping Address Zip Shipping Address Country Shipping Address Phone
Customer Source US Mail preference Email preference Email Bounced
Email blank Account Create Date Active/Inactive Status Purchase Volume Rank
Cumulative Spending Total number of Orders Date of Last Order Total dollars of Last Order

Note: The Shipping Address information included in the export file is only the address marked default shipping; not all shipping addresses are included in the export file.

Permission Required:  To access the customer tools, your user account must be enabled with three permissions: 
      1.) Primary access to the Admin Control Panel and Customers menu
      2.) The sub-permission Export Customers
Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

To export a list of customer record information begin with a Customer Search.  Use the search form to filter for a specific result set, or leave the form blank to retrieve all active customer records.  The export routine is available in both the legacy search form and the new Search. 

Search > Customers: Enter desired search criteria and click  Show Customers at the bottom of the form. (Common search filters are noted in the example below.) 

At The Customer Results list use the  Select Action menu > choose Export Customers

At the export screen, select the desired Export Type from the drop-down, then click  Export Records.
   - The type of export is either: Customer Records or Customer Notes

Download File to save the export to your desktop

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