Allocation Purchase History Report

Ever wonder how to re-rate your allocation customers for the upcoming release?  Now you can get out of spreadsheets, and easily analyze your allocation customer's purchase history for previous allocation events, all in one report, plus - eCellar does the hard work for you, and recommends a new rank for each customer on a scale of 1-5. (Everyone wants to be #1, right?) 

The Allocation Customer Summary report gathers all the data from a specific order search and summarizes each customer's purchase performance. 

To generate a report, begin in Search (beta) by navigating to Search > Orders > Search. 

Then, select the following criteria in the search form:
  • Billing Status = Paid, Credit, Refunded
  • Back Office > Select all relevant Allocation events.  We recommend reviewing 12-18 months worth of allocation events. 
  • >
    At the Order Result list, use the Select Action menu to choose View Allocation Reports.

    Select the Customer Summary report tab to generate the report results.

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