Upload for Individual Allocation

In this style of allocation setup each individual customer belongs to a unique tier, and can be offered a customized selection of products and min/max quantities. To accomplish this large volume of individual allocation tiers, we leverage the power of an Excel spreadsheet.  To create an upload file, navigate to  Allocation > Upload Event from the Admin Control Panel.

Permission Required:  To access all Allocation settings, your user account must be enabled with the permission for Allocation to access the sub-menu options. Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

Download the  individual allocation import template file.  The file will download in XLS format. Once the file downloads, open it up.  The template file has TWO Tabs: Events and Tiers. 
Begin with the Events setup on the first tab, and complete columns A through F. 


Column  Title Instructions
A EventName List all event names / codes
B Description Description of tier, internal use only
C StartDate Date event starts, in month/day/year format
D EndDate Date event closes, in month/day/year format
E SingleOrder Enter (0) for No and (1) for Yes. 1 means customer can only place a single allocation order for event.
F Message Message customers will see when they login to view their allocation.

Navigate to the Tiers setup tab and complete all required columns.


Column  Title Instructions
A EventName Enter an event name for the customer assignment, must match an EventName listed on the first worksheet.
B CustomerID A valid customer ID
C SKU1_Min Update header to SKU #1 followed by an underscore and "Min" ex. Abc123_Min. SKU must exist in eCellar.
Rows must contain a number, typically 1. 
D SKU1_Max Update header row to SKU #1 followed by an underscore and "Max" ex. Abc123_Max. 
Rows must contain a number greater than SKU1_Min.
E SKU1_WishMax Update header row to SKU #1 followed by an underscore and "WishMax" ex. Abc123_WishMax.
Rows must contain a number.  Use 0 for no wish allowed.
F SKU2_Min Repeat the process used for columns C,D and E for each additional SKU. if not allocating a SKU to a customer, enter all 0's in the row. 
G SKU2_Max Repeat step from column D for SKU #2.
H SKU2_WishMax Repeat step from column E for SKU #2, and continue creating additional columns for all SKUs needed in allocation event. 


Create import files for each Event, and save each file in XLS or XLSX spreadsheet format. In our example above, the file name is "W17_G1_Import".


Navigate in eCellar to Allocation > Upload Event. Use the Choose File function to location the first event import file and select Upload to process. Once the individual tiers are created, a success message will display. 


Continue to repeat step #5 to import each spreadsheet for all allocation events. 

Allocation Events

Review the Allocation > Events list to confirm each event was created, as expected based on the upload file. 

Tier Names

Each customer's individual tier is designated with this tier name formula: EventName-CustomerID. Using the example upload spreadsheet above, the first customer's tier would be: W17_G1-28.  

Be Careful: A customer can only be in ONE event and tier at a time. If a customer ID is included on multiple upload files, they will receive the allocation for the most recent upload. 

File Upload Errors

The Allocation Upload is sensitive to typos and invalid data.  Occasionally, you may receive a file upload error along with a short description of the problem. 

Example Upload Error

If the error message is unclear, or you are unable to resolve the error, contact the Support Team for assistance troubleshooting and correcting the upload file. 

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