Create Wine Club Shipment Invoices / Orders

You are ready to create each batch of club orders If:

  •     You have confirmed the Shipment Event date
  •     The Shipment is marked Active (Green Check on the left)
  •     You have double checked the Shipment Event details (products, prices, discounts, quantity and tax. Remember club inserts too!
  •     You have previewed the Shipment Event (clicked the eye icon) and made any corrections 

Best Practice: For customers skipping a shipment, make sure the subscription suspend start-date is BEFORE your Shipment Event date.  If the suspend begin date is after your Shipment Event date, an order will be created.  Best practice is to make the suspend end-date the last day of the month before the next shipment.

Note:  The Invoice Creation Date is when orders are assigned to club members, funds are not yet auth/captured.

To create club batch orders, navigate to the Club > Shipments page, select the Magic Wand icon in the Functions tools. This will create individual invoices for each member assigned to the corresponding tier.  Confirm via the prompt that you’re ready to create invoices then remain on the same page until results populate.

IMPORTANT:  Do not navigate away from the club generation page while orders are being created. This process could take several minutes depending on the size of your club.  A Confirmation screen will display with results when all orders have been created.  Pay close attention to the shipment event results, and review that all counts are accurate.

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