Preview Club Shipment

The preview function allows you to review all customers assigned to the  Shipment Event. The Order Column will have a green checkmark if the customer's order for this shipment have already been created; click view to see the order. 

Preview Club Shipment

From the Admin Control Panel (ACP) go to Club > Shipments > Click on eye ball icon for the shipment you want to preview.

Tip: To check for any possible duplicate errors, confirm your order count by comparing Active Members in Club Shipment View to the number of orders in the shipment preview page.

This preview page is also a tool to validate that the customer record has a billing address, shipping address and credit card properly linked to the club subscription and there are no missing data points. These are each required for order generation.  Any records that have address or credit card errors will appear in red noting the particular error. 

Tip: You can filter this list by error type to streamline your workflow. If you are subscribed to the Decline Minimizer service with OpenEdge, then expired cards are not important to review right now.

To Filter by Error Type: Click Select an Option to choose a filter for the errors you's like to review. 
Click Filter Results

Click on the Customer Last Name or first Name to open the customer card and make corrections.

Note: In the preview, all corresponding orders will be listed per subscription. If a customer has multiple subscriptions to the same club tier, they will be listed twice in the list, each time representing an order to be created with the batch.

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