Confirm RSVP Reservations

This article refers to Legacy functionalities, for clients whom have upgraded to Designer Widgets, please refer here

When a reservation request has been submitted from a RSVP widget on your website, these will appear on the Unscheduled tab of the Calendar.  The customer is expecting to hear from the winery with a confirmation or more information, within 24 hours. 

There are three steps to send confirm the appointment and send a personalized email confirmation.  Click into the “Party” name  highlighted in blue to open the reservation details.

In the Reservation Card update the following required information:

Status: Change from Requested to Booked 
Enter scheduled date; from and to time then Click Save
Send confirmation email – Envelope icon

Clicking the  envelope icon to send the confirmation e-mail will open a new outbound email in your computer’s default email program.  (e.g. outlook, gmail) 

Note:  It’s best for this to be used on a singular computer, so all outbound confirmations are sent from an exclusive email account. Many wineries use or

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