The Asset Manager

The Asset Manager is a file directory for storing pictures, bottle shots, other images, pdf files and any other assets used in email campaigns.  Images such as bottle shots or graphics designed to be used in your campaigns, and documents like tech sheets are stored in the Asset Manager.  

Within the Asset Manager, you can create folders and additional directories to keep your assets organized.  A simple best practice is to create at least one folder for images and one for documents.  We like to have separate folders for bottle shots, ratings, club party images, and awards.  Once assets are loaded into the directory, they can be used in Campaigns, and any content-management enabled sections of your website. 

Use the Upload Images tool to copy the files from your computer into the Asset Manager.  Images should be in .jpg, .gif or .png formats.  Images should already be the desired size prior to uploading which ensures it will display accurately in the recipients email view, and will keep the assets more manageable in the HTML body of the email.

Recommended dimensions are: Bottle Shots – 190 x 253 pixels / Thumbnail – 110 x 134 pixels.

NOTE: Images must not exceed 500kb (.5mb).

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