Using the HTML Editor

The HTML content is the body of the email.  Type text directly into the WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor, and use the function tools to further style the content. The tool bars available are consistent with editing functions in most major text or image editing applications.

Tools in Top Row:
Cut - Copy - Paste - Paste from Notepad - Paste from Word - Undo/Redo - Find/Replace - Transform - Spell Check - Hyperlinks - Insert Image - Add Table - Add Horizontal Line - Special Characters - Full Page viewer - Toggle to Source (HTML) code -  Preview.
Tools Second row:
Bold - Italicized - Underline - Strikethrough - Subtext - Supertext - numbered List - bullet List - Indentation - Quote - Justification.
Tools in Third Row:
Font Style - Font Class - Font Text - Size - Color - Highlight Color - Merge Field Options. 

Common Questions

Hyperlink Colors

Most email programs will display hyperlinks in a default color.  If you want to override this and have a hyperlink display in a specific color, use the Advanced tools for the hyperlink, and enter a color code into the Style box.


Using tables is a great formatting trick to keep content within an email campaign organized and visually appealing.  In this example below, the table border properties are set to zero (0) so there are no visible lines of the table, it's simply framing each section of content.

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