Order Sources (Channels)

The Order Source identifies how the order came into the database. Also known as Order Channels or Transaction Source. Each database comes with a set of default order sources which cannot be modified.

Permission Required:  To access the order tools, your user account must be enabled with the permission to access the main menu navigation for Orders.
Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

Order Sources

Alloc Allocation - Assigned via customer login to allocation store or manually in the POS. 
Club Wine Club - Assigned through club shipment order generation, order remix online or manually in the POS. 
Events Events
FOB Freight-on-board
Inbound Inbound
Int Internal 
Outbound Outbound
PH/Fax/Mail Phone / Fax / Mail
POS Point-of-Sale - The default source for all POS created orders.
Web Web - Order generated through online general store.
WHSLE Wholesale

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