Terminal Management: Releasing a terminal for re-registration

If you have cleared cache on a computer that is being used as a physical terminal, you are now operating in Virtual Terminal mode, and the physical terminal ID is no longer assigned to the terminal you are using.

To re-register the terminal, you must contact Client Services to 'release' your existing terminal.

If you are a Super User, you can release this terminal yourself by following the steps below:

1.) In the ACP main navigation, go to POS->Terminal Admin.  (If you do not see this option, your user account does not have access to Terminal Manager)

2.) Find the terminal ID  you'd like to release in the far left column (in this case we'll choose terminal 1500), and click on the Terminal Name to edit.

3.) Uncheck In Use and click SAVE

4.) Note that the terminal is now Available.  The end user can now re-register their terminal.

Re-Register a Terminal 

1.) Go to POS > Manage

2.) Enter the location of the terminal to be re-registered

3.) Choose the terminal Name from the drop down menu. Click Register Terminal.

NOTE: You may have to close and open the terminal after re-registering. 

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