POS Terminology

Start here! New to eCellar? Need to brush up on basic keywords and actions? Here's a great place to begin, and and learn our basic terminology on all things point-of-sale. 

POS Terminology and Definitions

Point of Sale
Admin Control Panel
QuickSale The QuickSale account is used for all orders not associated with a specific customer
Search Search for existing Customer
New Customer Add a New Customer to your database using the Uber-Form. Super-fast, and super-easy. 
Customer Card All the details within a customer record including addresses, subscriptions, campaigns and purchase history. View the customer card in the POS or anywhere in the ACP by clicking on a customer's name
Recent Orders View the last 50 orders created in the POS from all terminals
Billing Billing address for the customer loaded into the POS.  For a QuickSale, this will be the tasting room or physical winery address. 
Immediate P/U Often called a cash 'n carry.  For a QuickSale orders can only be processed as immediate pickup. You will see a plus sign (+) next to Immediate Pickup when you load a customer into the POS; which allows for additional options to create a delayed-pickup order, or a ship order
Hold for Pickup Allows the order to be processed with a future pick up date and location
Ship Create a ship order with an address chosen fro the customer card, or add a new shipping address
Options Shipping options include setting a future ship/pick up date, override shipping fees, select carrier and fulfillment
QuickPick Set Sets of product buttons for easy access to popular items in the POS.  Up to eight sets of 12 quick keys can be created
Product Description of item sold. Referred to by it's Product Name or Product Display SKU
SKU Inventory SKU associated with Product
Channel Sales Channel associated with the order (also referred to as Order Source) 
INV Location Inventory Location that SKUs will be pulled from when order is processed
Brand For Enterprise wineries, this drop down indicates which Brand the order will belongs to
Sales Rep Sales Rep indicates who placed the order
In Person Important for Compliance and Tax collection. This setting defaults to yes on a registered terminal and indicates the customer placed the order on-site
Payment Type How the order is paid for: Credit Card, Cash, Check or Purchase Order
Split Payment
Two or more Payment Types on one order
Add Now / Add Later A toggle that allows the user to save the order 'Now' with a credit card or add the credit card 'Later'
Status Billing Status of the payment
Email Receipt When the toggle is set to yes an order receipt will be emailed to the email address in the customer record.  Receipts cannot be emailed for a QuickSale.
Print Receipt This defaults to yes on a registered terminal to print from your receipt printer
Tags A unique identifier added to the order that is used in reporting
Comments Text fields written to the order
Save Save the order without processing payment, which can be resumed later at anytime
Place Order Process payment on the order

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