Discounts and Promos

Discounts can be handled two ways in the POS. Automatically triggered based on the discount engine, or manually discounting a line item.  Any auto-discounts can be set up in the Admin Control Panel.  Shipping rates can also be adjusted, to offer a discount or to override to $0.00. 

Automatically triggered from the Discount Engine:
As each item is added to an order, the discount engine will adjust to the best possible discount eligible.  This discount amount will populate at the line item level and the discount name will de displayed in the discount section. 

Manually Adjusting Discounts:
Discounts can be manually updated if the User has the Discount Over-ride permission. Select all of the items for the order, and ensure that the shipping (or pickup) information is correct. Once you are finished with all order updates and settings, add desired discounts to each line item.
The lock that appears informs the user that the manual discount has been locked in with the light green lock letting the user know the discount is less than the auto-discount, the blue is equal, and the magenta being more than the automatic discount.

NOTE: It is very important to adjust discounts LAST, especially if you are overriding other discounts that may be triggering automatically. Each time a change is made to the order, the discount engine will re-check, and reset the discounts to any defaults. 

Important Information: Coupon codes (also called promo codes) are used only in the online checkout cart and are not valid in the POS.  

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