Discounts and Promos in the POS

Discounts can be handled two ways in the POS: Manually in the POS or automatically triggered based on the discount engine as set up in the Administrative Control Panel (ACP).

Shipping rates can also be adjusted in the POS. 

Manual Discounts / Manually Adjusting Discounts

NOTE: Editing discounts in the POS is a permission based function: POS > Allow Discount Override.

Product Discounts -

  1. Select all of the items for the order, and ensure that the shipping (or pickup) information is correct.
  2. Add desired discounts to each line item:
    1. To change an existing (automatically triggered) discount enter the desired discount by line item in the discount field/box.
    2. If a standard (automatically triggered) discount is altered the field will be locked, to change the discount amount again, the discount must be unlocked by clicking the padlock image.

  1. To change a discount from percent to dollar amount place your cursor in the discount field and enter the dollar sign.

  1. Discounts lock are color coded. Upon hovering on the padlock icon the details are exposed.
    1. Blue is a freshly over ridden discount or a discount that matches the discount engine. 
    2. Green icon indicates a better discount is available: The auto discount would be larger/greater than the manual discount applied.
    3. Dark Red indicates the discount engine would apply a lesser discount: Auto Discount $X.00 is less than the manual discount applied.

Pro Tips:

  1. To confirm all discounts, auto and manual, have been applied to the Net Total as expected, click the blue recycle icon -

Shipping Discounts

  1. Upon entering the shipping address and products shipping discounts will be applied and displayed.

  1. To alter the shipping discount amount/shipping rate click Options under Shipping Address and select another shipping method via the drop down.

NOTE: It is very important to adjust discounts as the last action before processing the order for payment.

  • This is especially true it you are overriding discounts that may have been triggered automatically.
  • Each time a change is made to the order, the discount engine will re-check and reset discounts to the default.

Automatic Discounts from the ACP Discount Engine

As each item is added tho an order the discount engine will adjust to the best possible primary discount eligible and then apply any active and applicable supplemental discounts.

The discount amount will populate at the line item and the discount name(s) will be displayed in the discount section.

See these articles for setting up automatic discounts in the Discount Engine:

Discount Set up For Products and Flat Rate Shipping Discounts.

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