Service Policies

Customer Service: Client Turnaround Timeframes

1.) All inbound emails and phone calls to eCellar Support ( and 707-942-9700 Opt. 1) will be acknowledged same day if left by 3PM Pacific Monday-Friday, otherwise next business day

2.) Single point of contact with backup person per client is strongly recommended for best communication flow

3.) Evening and weekend support:

a. eCellar error (that prevents ordering): we fix (asap) else NBD (next business day)

b. User error: wait until next business day for Support to address, or $225/hour ($300 holiday) to address/fix.  Common (but not limited to) weekend support pitfalls to avoid (by not testing and making changes on a Friday afternoon) include:

i. Printer/cash drawer failure due to POS browser upgrade

ii. New product error (no inventory)

iii. Duplicate customers in system

iv. Discount error (auto‐discount applying/not applying)

c. Emergency afterhours support via telephone voicemail: 707-942-9700 Opt. 1

4.) What’s not billable (included in monthly fees)

a. General eCellar application support to trained personnel (M-F 8:30AM to 5PM)

5.) What’s billable - The standard billable rate is $150/hour - billed in 15min increments. (Your advanced notice is appreciated!)

a. Non-trained personnel Q&A

b. New personnel training

c. Any training/service work that relates to that particular client’s business

d. User error (e.g. investigation of improper setup of product/inventory/discount/etc.)

e. New work (template builds, training, product/inventory/release setup, etc.)

f. Anything a client can do in our system but delegates to us

Customer Service: Internal Response/Turnaround Timeframes

Priority handling of issues by all eCellar/MLN staff (customer service/developers/management) shall be in the following priority order:

1.) Immediate Response

- Clients/consumers cannot place orders due to eCellar error

- Clients cannot create/launch offerings, email campaigns, due to eCellar creation/error

2.) 3-5 day minimum: Clients need assistance to create/fix new club/allocation offerings, including email campaigns

3.) 5 business day minimum: Initial creation of new email templates for campaigns/receipts

4.) Clients desired eCellar functionality based on ICB need (TBD by management)

Development: Client Turnaround/Timeline Minimums

1.) New site builds/eCellar retrofit: 30 day (from date files received from designer)

2.) Site/wrapper updates/new wrapper creation: 5 business day turnaround

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