Create Club Shipment Order in POS

An order can be created in the POS and assigned into a club shipment event.  This is a very effective way to manage customized club order requests prior to processing a complete club batch. 

Definition: Creating a club subscription order before batching the full event is called a pre-batch order, or pre-batching


Search for a Customer

POS > Search > Lookup customer record
Customers can be found using first name, last name, email address or Customer ID.  


Select Customer

If multiple matches are available, select the desired customer record. Confirm by customer type or shipto state.  


Select Ship or Pickup Option

Click the customer name to open the customer card and review the club subscription settings, to confirm the shipto address or pickup preference.  (If creating a ship order, most club orders do not have a specified ship date, and will remain in an unshipped status.) 


Select Quantities and Products


Channel, Tier and Club Event

Change the Channel to Club.  This will activate two additional drop-downs to select the Subscription and matching club events. 

If the club event is not yet active, it will still be available in the event menu.


Payment Options

Select the Card on file and choose to save the order unpaid, which will queue it into the larger batch for payment later, or select Place Order to charge the order now. 

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