Res Mgr v3 Conversion from v2 and Booking Agents

For those currently using Booking Agents in Reservation Manager v2

We have converted your Booking Agents to the new format for continuity of service for you and your winery. All previous (v2) data is still present - Floor Plans will need to be reviewed and possibly recreated to better meet the specific needs of your winery.


  1. Floor Plans are necessary for your Booking Agents to be active and available
  2. Capacity is dictated by Floor Plans & Tables
  3. To avoid overbooking:
    a. Use auto-assignment of tables
    b. Use NEW BOOKING to access booking agents inCalendar Grid to book reservations, including walk-ins



Floor Plans and Booking Agents have been updated via migration. Note for Enterprise clients this has occurred at the Brand Context level.


New Booking Agents for v3 were updated as part of the migration from v2 Booking agents:
The Days of Week, First Time, Last Time, Offer Every, Duration, Min Party Size, Max Party Size and Max Parties were used to create Timeslots.

For example, this booking agent will migrate as follows:

A.  It will get a set of 2 hour long timeslots with start times every 45 minutes, starting at 10am and ending (last time slot) starting at 2pm.

B.  Each timeslot will be for 2-6 guests, with max parties set to 1 for each slot.



D.  All tables are set to Auto-Assign:
This is a new v3 feature: By default new reservations are auto-assigned to a table. This feature is optional when created or editing a Time Slot in the Booking Agent.

A Floor Plan has been generated for each Booking Agent, using the Booking Agent's reservation type, location and, if present, station:
In this case the Floor Plan will be called Virtual Blind Tasting - Tasting Room - Virtual.
If it did NOT have the Station, it would be called Virtual Blind Tasting - Tasting Room.


The tables in the associated Floor Plan are created using the Booking Agent's minimum party size, maximum party size and maximum parties allowed. 
IMPORTANT - Max Parties per table is a new feature for Res.3, so each generated table will be set to 1 – this will need to be addressed promptly if applicable.


After review of the Floor Plans, you may want to create new ones that more suit your winery needs, then delete the old floor plans created under the migration.
NOTE: Future reservations, before the migration, that are tied to any deleted the Floor Plans will have their tables erased; capacity is reduced for future reservations assigned and NOT assigned to tables.


STATION is referenced less & less as it is essentially replaced with TABLE  - Note Stations will be no longer be supported in future versions of Reservations Manager and should not be used for new Booking Agents as they have been replaced by Tables within Floor Plans.


New Features since 7/21 User Group:

A.  Requested (def) vs. Booked: Reservations will, by default, be "REQUESTED" in the calendar grid. Booked can now be chosen when creating or editing a Booking Agent.

B.  Immediate email confirmation is received by the winery as designated in the Company Settings: Reservation Contact. The option to send a hard-coded standard email to the customer is also available in the Booking agent (see image above).


Best Practices to Minimize Conflicts:

A.  Always book a new reservation using the New Booking option in ACP Calendar!

B.  Booking Agent allows customer to cancel online (if "Cancel up to" is populated).

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