Discounts: Overview and Terminology

Discount Overview and Terminology

How Discounts, Customer Type and Products work together: Discounts use Customer Type and Product Type or Category to determine how a discount is applied.  

A Discount can be applied to a specific Customer Type, Club Tier and/or specific Products, within a certain timeframe.  For example, a Wine Club Member discount can be created so that only the Customer Type ‘Wine Club’ is eligible or that members of a specific tier only receive the discount.  You can further refine the discount to be applied to only the Product Type or Category ‘Wine’ or to specific products.

Discount  Flat Rate Fixed: A dollar amount or percentage deduction applied to an order based on customer type and product.

Flat Rate Variable:
 Allows you to add Cumulative Discount Brackets for Items/Dollar Amounts you can set to trigger the discount. 

Percentage Fixed: A percentage deduction is applied to an order based on customer type and product. 

Percentage Variable: Allows you to add Cumulative Discount Brackets for either Items/dollar Amount you can set to trigger the discount.
Customer Type Primary categorization of customers, used for discounts
Basis How the discount is triggered.  Entire Order, Line Item, Min Items in Order or Min Order Subtotal
Entire Order  Sum of all items in the order
Line Item Individual line items in the order
Product Category Root category of Wine or Merchandise.  All other categories are sub-categories of the Root
Product Association  Tying the product to the discount in Product set up
Validity The discount is either Enabled or Disabled
Valid Start/End Dates The date range a discount can be applied
Coupon Code  Code entered in online order. This code is case sensitive on the web only. 



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