Disable RSVP Time Slots

This article refers to Legacy functionalities, for clients whom have upgraded to Designer Widgets, please refer here

Each RSVP Widget is customized to offer recurring time slots on pre-determined days.  Sometimes, you may want to disable availability for specific time slots on a single day or full days.  This is particularly useful for holiday and special event. 

To disable a time slot, create  placeholder reservations to reach the maximum available parties allowed on any specific day. By creating enough reservations to exceed the maximum allowed, the availability will be blocked and online requests will be disabled.

Permission Required:  To access the ResMgr settings, your user account must be enabled with the Admin permission for Reservation Manager.  Contact your eCellar User Manager for assistance. 

Determine Maximum Parties Allowed

For each reservation type offered in an RSVP widget there is a maximum number of parties allowed per time slot.  This is the maximum number of reservations allowed before the widget determines a time slot is unavailable. This correlates with the chosen Location, Station and Reservation Type to count reservations that are NOT Cancelled or No Show status. 

To find the settings for maximum by reservation type navigate in ResMgr to Settings > Bookings to determine the correct amount of blocks you'll need to create to disable a reservation time slot.

For each reservation type, add up the Max Parties + Overbook by to find the total number of blocks to create. 


In this example, The Tour and Tasting reservation type will need five reservation blocks created to disable a time slot.

Create Internal Reservation Blocks

To block the time slots available online, create internal reservations to serve as placeholders.  In our example below, we want to disable the online availability for the Tour and Tasting reservation type from 10:00am to 1:00pm, which will require five reservations on the calendar.  In the Party Name field, include the reason for the block, and we like to do this using a customer record named RESERVATION BLOCK. 

Create enough reservations to reach the maximum parties allowed.

Note: To block an entire day by reservation type, extend the duration of each reservation block so it begins at the start of the day and ends at the last time slot available. 

Test And Confirm Online

Be sure once your blocks are created to test!  Do this by going to your website and reviewing the RSVP widgets to confirm the desired date and time is blocked by reservation type. 

If the times are still available to select, then review the blocks created in the calendar and be sure to match the requirements for the maximum number of reservations allowed, as it's related to each Reservation Type, and related Location and Station.

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