Customer Search (Legacy)

The Customer Search form is used to locate and filter a result list based on common data points or information within the customers' record. Search is used to create lists for targeted marketing email campaigns, create export files and bulk modify results to update information in each record.  Use the search form to create groups of customer based on their location, purchase history, spending trends, club memberships and more.

The Legacy Customer Search Form has four main sections:

  1. Search Customer Information 
  2. Address & Email 
  3. Wine Club & Allocation 
  4. Purchase history

Note: What does Legacy mean, anyways? A legacy feature is an older and deprecated tool that will no longer be enhanced, and will eventually be phased out of the system.  Customer groups made with legacy search will not be available as target recipient groups for campaigns.  All campaign groups must be created in the new search forms.

Search Customer Information

eCellar ID Database assigned customer number
First Name Customer First Name
Last name Customer Last Name
Company Customer Company Name (if applicable)
Email Customer email address
Username May be the same as email address
Phone Primary customer phone number
Active Default setting for Active Customers only. This field can be changed to look for Inactive Customers or Both Active and Inactive
Account Created What date range Customer accounts created
DOB Customer Date of Birth
DOB: Time Period Smart Search: Dynamic - Yesterday, Last Month, Last Three Months
Notes Search on a phrase or word within the Customer Notes
Tags Unique Identifier added to the Customer record
Customer Type Select one or more customer types such as General Consumer or Wine Club
Customer Source Denotes how the customer came to be in your database. Such as Web, Tasting Room or Referral.

Address & Email Criteria

Zip Code Radius
Find customers within a maximum of 50 mile radius of the desired zip code. This functionality can be applied to either the Billing or Shipping zip code, or both
Bill State or Ship State Search by State for billing or shipping address, and if they wish to receive postal mail or not
Email is Identify customers with (or without) a blank email address
Wants Email Customers who have or have not unsubscribed from email campaigns
Bounced Customers with the email bounce alert in their account
Sent email Campaign Identify customers who were "Sent" a particular email campaign
Additional Options If a customer was sent a campaign, identify those who did/did not open a specific campaign

Wine Club & Allocation criteria

If the Wine Club Module is active, this section on the left will be available.  If the Allocation Module is active, the section on the right will be available, and both sections will display for any brands or enterprise companies that use both modules. 

Wine Club Tiers If no tiers are selected, then the form will default to search ALL tiers.  Otherwise, select only the desired tiers. 
Ship State Search only based on the ship address assigned to the club membership.
Delivery Option Pickup or Ship
Gift ?  Yes or No
Subscription Status Active or Cancelled
Signup Date Date the club subscription began
Suspend Dates Locate any customers that are suspending during the date range entered.
Hold Ship Date Locate any customers with a specified hold ship date based on the date range entered.
Cancellation reason Select a single or multiple cancellation reasons, along with choosing the Cancelled status. 
Credit Card Ability to search on upcoming expiration dates.

Allocation Event and/or Allocation Tier Select a specific event then all related tiers
Is NOT in any allocation tier Or identify customers who may have been left out of a tier assignment. 

Purchase History criteria

By Date Search for customers who have or have not made a purchase since a specific date.
By Lifetime Spending Locate customers with a specific lifetime spending total.
By products purchased Find customers who have purchased a specific product by quantity, or a product that "sounds like" to find all Cabernet, or all 2011, by searching for any keyword in a product title.

Sort and Filter Results

Results can be filtered to deliver only the top accounts in a result set. This is an excellent way to review the top performers of your database, and review only the top 25, 50 or 100 customers by volume rank (how much product they've purchased.)  

Use the Order By drop-down to select the sort order of your result list.  You can also sort the results on the list page too!

  • Account Creation Date 
  • Last Name 
  • Rank

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